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Uncontested vs. Contested Divorce


      At the heart of every divorce is a disagreement. However, these disagreements do not have to be uncivilized. When contemplating divorce, four issues typically arise: 1) Division of marital property; 2) Division of debt; 3) Custody of any children; and 4) Payment of child and/or spousal support. Because all of these serve important roles in every person's life, it is unusual to find a truly “uncontested” divorce. An uncontested divorce simply means that the parties reached an agreement without going to trial. Uncontested divorces tend to go more quickly through the court system and save unnecessary legal expenses.


     Litigation can be expensive, so anyone considering divorce should attempt to reach an uncontested divorce before going to trial, which saves time and money. On the other hand, spouses should occasionally consider contested divorces. Contested divorces should be considered when there are complex asset distributions, such as a large estate or business assets.


     Gunther Law Group attorneys have represented many individuals seekingboth contested and uncontested divorce. Our experienced attorneys can help you draft a settlement agreement, help you work through the formalities of either an uncontested or contested divorce, and litigate your case if necessary.

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