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Title Insurance

What is Title Insurance and who needs it? 

Gunther Law Group strongly recommends owner's title insurance for the buyer. When a seller transfers title, he/she must give you marketable title. Marketable title is one that can be transferred to a new owner without claims being made against it by another party.The seller must correct any title defects such as unreleased mortgages or judgments, unpaid taxes, and sewer and water liens in order to ensure that a title is marketable. 

To ensure that your title is clear, Gunther Law Group will order a careful search of the public records to identify documents that reference your title. Then, a title insurance binder is prepared based on information found. We will then provide you with a title insurance binder at the closing, which represents the insurance company's obligation to protect the insured's interest in the property. 

You pay the premium only once, at settlement, while the coverage continues for as long as you could have liability for title.The price for the policy varies, depending on the cost of the home purchase. Please let us know if you have any further questions about getting a title insurance policy for your new home. 

For assistance, please contact us online or call:

Virginia Beach, Virginia: (757)671-3352
Hertford, North Carolina: (252)426-2006

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