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What is a registered agent?


Every business entity authorized to transact business in Virginia is required by law to continuously maintain a registered office and a registered agent in Virginia. The registered agent must forward to the business entity any official documents that are served on the registered agent at its last known address. These documents include the annual report.


Who can be a registered agent?


An individual can serve as the registered agent of a Virginia business entity if:


  • The individual is a resident of Virginia;

  • The individual is a member of the Virginia State Bar or is a part of the management of the business entity (e.g. an officer or director of a corporation, a member or manager of a limited liability company, a trustee of a business trust, a general partner of a limited partnership, or a partner of a registered limited liability partnership); and

  • The individual agrees to serve as the business entity’s registered agent.

  • A business entity may not have more than one person serving as its registered agent in Virginia.


Why do I need a registered agent?


  • A business entity may not serve as its own registered agent.

  • If an officer of the business entity chooses to be the registered agent, the officer’s personal information and address is public

  • The public information is posted on the State Corporation Commission website.

  • There is no charge to change your VA registered agent and you can do it online instantly.


Why choose Gunther Law?


  • Reasonable Price.

  • We are licensed Virginia and North Carolina Bar members.

  • We are always available to discuss business related matters during normal business hours.

  • We send reminders to file your Virginia annual reports.










Registered Agent


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