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Real Estate Lawyers: meeting all of your Residential and Commercial Needs 

     At Gunther Law, we understand that Real Estate transactions are not a one-size fits all. Whether it is your first time buying a home or your 100th closing, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to handle whatever real estate matter that you may have. Our attorneys have handled thousands of real estate transactions, both commercial and residential, throughout Virginia and North Carolina. 


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To meet with a Gunther Law Group attorney, contact us online or call us at one of our 2 locations: 

Virginia Beach, Virginia: (757) 671-3352;

Hertford, North Carolina: (252) 426-2006.

How our attorneys can meet your Real Estate Needs. 


Our experienced lawyers can assist you with most Real Estate transactions, whether you need assistance with the closing or financing your transaction, our attorneys are here to walk you through every step of the process. In addition, our attorneys can assist with the following: 


Closing and Title Insurance

• Foreclosures
• Construction litigation
• Estate Litigation
• Commercial and residential leasing
• Family gifts
• Partition Suits
• Riparian Rights

• Resort and time-share development
• Financing
• Acquisitions
• Condemnation
• Tax mitigation/deferral
1031 exchanges
Zoning and permits

To meet with a Gunther Law Group attorney, contact us online or call:


Virginia Beach, Virginia: (757)671-3352
Hertford, North Carolina: (252)426-2006

Greenville, North Carolina: (252)215-0210

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