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     Many small businesses and individuals choose to use “boiler plate” contracts from websites or books without fully understanding the implications of the contract. These “boiler plate” contracts are standard, which means that they do not take into account the specific needs of each party to the contract. This passive approach to contract formation can expose either party to litigation and unnecessary expenses in the future. Our attorneys have written and reviewed numerous contracts, and are experienced at both drafting and reviewing contracts. For a fraction of the cost of litigation, you can gain a better understanding of your contract.


     Even though no business or individual can shield themselves from all litigation, a priority for any business is making sure that the contract clearly identifies both parties’ intentions for the services or goods for which the contract is written. When the parties to a contract have not fully considered their intentions or have failed to put them into the writing of the contract is when the possibility of litigation arises.


     To prevent this, our attorneys take the time to get to know your business and individual needs to ensure that the contract fully captures your intentions. Because our attorneys have experience consulting small businesses, and drafting and reviewing contracts, we are able to address concerns that may have been overlooked.  


Contract Review and Formation


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